Why Hadoop is more demanding technology


Why Hadoop is more demanding technology

Hadoop comes in sight due to the concept of BigData. Every day the data which is generated though various source(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,etc) are in huge amount. According to the recent survey the data which is generated till now will be equal to the data generated in next 2 years which will be too huge to handle, and also the data which are generated are in various formats (Structured , Semi-Structured and Unstructured). So to handle these data we use Hadoop. Hadoop is framework which is used for data management in efficient and economical way.

Reason why Hadoop is in Demand :

  1. Hadoop is currently a new technology in IT market so due to this it lacks skilled professional to work on it. So because of that there is high demand of hadoop professionals in MNC companies.
  2. Exponential Data growth
  3. Efficient and secure way to handle data.
  4. When compared with other database management hadoop is more reliable as it can manage all three types of data (Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured).

77% percent of companies are expanding their implementation in Big Data and 62% percent of that belongs to Bangalore. So by seeing these statics we can see how rapidly the requirement of Hadoop is growing.

As we know Bangalore alone cover 62% of company which comes under Big Data. The main reason behind this is the growth of the IT professionals day by day and the job requirement so it is easy for the companies to recruit for new technology such as big data.

But to work with hadoop we need to have better understanding of its ecosystem and architecture. So to learn it there are various big data courses in Bangalore. There are various Big Data institutes in Bangalore which deals with the deep understanding and learning of Hadoop ecosystem and architecture which is a most necessary prerequisite for a Hadoop professional. Experienced from different fields are switching their jobs into Big Data. Even good numbers of freshers are getting into the industry.

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