Unsolved Mysteries Of Science

Mysteries Of Science

Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries Of Science

Mysteries Of Science, though the human took birth lakhs of years ago, it is been thousands of years since the civilisation has started. Well, since hundreds of years. The technology is getting updated on this earth. The present latest technology which we can see now is the result of it. Based on this modern technology, the man is still searching for a path to find several questions, his origins and few wonders.

In this process, even though some of them got the answers… Still, he is searching for the answers to many questions. With the help of the technology, the present modern man who is able to discriminate the facts and rumours among several things… He is still struggling in searching for the evidence of those false statements.

The present technology which says that the thing that has an evidence is the truth… Still, no evidence has been found for few incidents taking place around us in our present life.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 5 questions which were unsolved by the present science.

1. Dreams :


The present science says that along with the human beings, few more living creatures also dreams on this earth. When asking a question, why do we dream… For that, the answer given by the science is… Several theories were showcased that whatever the things we see, read and hear daily will come in our dreams. But the locations, things or persons… which we see in our dreams are not seen by us before. And sometimes our dreams also come true in real life. When asked for those topics, even though the present science came up with few examples… It is unable to say the answers with the proper evidence. This also included in Mysteries Of Science

2. Life on Other Planet :

Life on other planet
                                                                                                                                                                     Life on other planet

The present science has no answer for the question whether the life exists on the other planet in this universe just like the life on this earth. The present science says that in this infinite universe, there are lakhs of stars and crores of planets.

They also found that some of those planets resemble our earth. But when it was asked a question… does life exist there? Along with our country, in the Puranas of several other countries… It was mentioned that the most powerful people used to visit our earth from the sky and they are called as deities.

Well…. Are those deities the aliens? Why do those deities who used to visit our earth regularly in ancient days are not visible now? As the modern science does not believe the god… Let us consider the people comes from the sky likewise as the aliens. The modern science says that life exists on crores of planets in such a vast universe. But their evidence still remained a mystery.

3. Black hole :

Black hole

Our science says that this will be formed when a massive star collapses… Then it pulls all the planets, meteorites around it, every object whatever travels through that area and also the light towards it. What is there in that? What will happen to every object pulled towards it? If it is the question… then it is not known.

According to the statements given by few people… They say that this black hole is a dimensional portal and a tunnel between universes. Based on this theory, several science fiction movies were also made in our Hollywood.

According to the Einstein’s principle… He said that the Black Hole will be active until they become indefinite small particles. What will happen to all the particles? Will the become the origin of another universe or not? Our science has no answers for such several questions.This also included in Mysteries Of Science

4. Death :


Death is another thing which is been scoping the mind of our science since generations. According to the Puranas, after the death of a living creature… They say that its soul travels either to heaven or hell. There might be several reasons for the death of a creature but… What will happen to the life which is the reason for the movements in that living creature until then? Where does it go? They remained the questions still.

5. Origin of Life :

A big question on this earth and the mystery which is unsolved by the modern science yet… What is the origin of the life on this earth? While the science is saying that due to a big explosion that took place 1300 crores years ago, this universe has formed… How did that explosion happen? How was this universe before that?

While the modern science is unable to answer such questions still… To the question what is the origin of life on our earth in this universe… The science has no proper answer even today. Even though the modern science said several theories on the origin of life…
There is a question left at the end of all those theories. So, friends…

These are 5 questions which have been challenging the most developed modern science.

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