Top 10 Unusual And Weird Restaurants Around The World

Top 10 Unusual And Weird Restaurants Around The World

Most Weird Restaurants Around the World

You might have heard Craziness is of thousand types… We remember this proverb when we see someone doing crazy things. But even when some of these strange things are amazing… Some of the other will be most weird.

Along with the intention to attract these crazy people… With the intention to have a special recognition when they are compared to the other… A few restaurants have come up in the world. While few of them are strange to see… Some other appears weird.

I am going to show you about such 10 weird and unusual restaurants in this article.

  1. Cabbages and Condoms

The name of this restaurant itself holds the speciality of this place. At this restaurant in Bangkok, the colourful condoms are decorated in various forms. Not just that… On the wall of that restaurants ‘Good food and safe sex is good for health’… Do not forget to wear condom on your bed time… Likewise, various quotes have been written there.

Even the waiters who serve the food there wear the condom on their head and serve the food. While some people praise this restaurant management that this type of promotion is good… Some of the people will feel shy.

  1. Prison Restaurant

If you want to know the prison life in the jail, then you have to visit the Prison restaurant in China. As soon as entering into this restaurant, it looks exactly like a jail. There will be two types of rooms. They are… The cells in which the normal prisoners are imprisoned… And closed cells in which the cruel culprits will be there.

Up to Two to four members can go into these rooms. To eat the food in these rooms, money must be spent more. As soon as entering this restaurant, they will send you into the cell, lock the cell… The way how the prisoners are provided with the food in the jail…

In the same way, they will serve you the food. To that grill, there will few small holes through which the food plates can be passed. Through them, they will serve you the food. The servers who work in that hotel will dress up like the police officers… And they will treat you like the real prisoners. They will release you after eating as much as you can and paying the bill.

  1. DS Music Restaurant

There will be no connection between the name of this restaurant and the environment inside it. This restaurant is in Taipei city of Taiwan. This entire restaurant is themed as hospital environment. Here, the customers are made sit on the wheel chairs… They will serve the drinks through the injections and saline which are similar to the things used in the hospitals.

Inside this restaurant, they designed the environment in a way how the hospital ward appears. Even the girls who serve you will dress up like the nurses… And they will treat you like the patients.

  1. Waterfall Restaurant

Most of us like the waterfalls. If you would like to sit in the water flowing from the waterfall… And eat your favourite food while looking at that waterfall… Then you have to go to the waterfall restaurant at San Pablo City in Philippines.

In this restaurant, a few tables are arranged in front of the waterfall arranged artificially… And they will serve the food you ordered on those tables. Greenery is seen around… Sitting in the middle of flowing water which nearly touches you till your knee… And you can eat the food.

  1. Dinner in the sky

How will it be if we eat the food in the sky? This Dinner in the Sky Restaurant has come from that thought. This Dinner in the sky restaurant was started in 2007 by the partners David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs. If you plan to have a variety dinner together with your family or friends or office meetings…

Many people have an opinion that this restaurant is the best option. To eat the meal in this which has 15-20 seats… You have to book in advance. After booking likewise… Arranging all the food items which you have ordered in between the chairs you sat… They will arrange two servers and two chefs along with you… Fastening the seat belt after you sat… Using a crane, they will lift up the entire floor on which you sat there to 200-300 feet height from the ground.

They will get you down after you have your meals there. All the people who ate in this restaurant said that this is a very thrilling experience. Now, this type of restaurants has emerged at many places in the world.

  1. Disaster Cafe

How do you feel when the earthquake occurs all at once while you are eating your favourite food items? If you want to feel such experience really… You have to visit the Disaster cafe in Spain. In this cafe, when you are eating…

Suddenly your table will get shaken… The artificial walls beside you and ceiling at the top will start falling on you. The people whoever visit that restaurant will feel the thrill along with the fear looking at this unusual thing it seems.

  1. Modern Toilet Restaurant

This Modern Toilet Restaurant is a weird thought of a stupid person in Taipei city, Taiwan. In this restaurant, all the seats, food, served utensils and everything will be like the things in the toilet… The food is served like the toilet shit in them.

They will serve the ordered ice creams and few items by designing them exactly like the shit of human. Even though many of them feel uncomfortable looking at this restaurant… The local people have been enjoying the recipes cooked there saying this is a wonder.

  1. The Heart Attack Grill

If you eat in this restaurant in Las Vegas, then you will definitely experience a heart attack. Because in a huge amount… here they serve the food with over 20,000 calories. By eating the food with the excess of calories… Not only the person put on the weight heavily… The cholesterol level will be increased in the blood and also increase the risk of heart disease.

Suppose if you are unable to eat the food as it is heavy which you ordered in this restaurant… They will even hit you on your back until you eat it. If your weight is more than 350 pounds, then you can also eat your favourite items for free. The customers who visit this and the girls who serve there should wear the costume just like in the hospital.

In a TV show, the owner of this restaurant, Jon Basso also said that… If you eat in my restaurant, then you will definitely die very soon. Even then the customers visiting this restaurant are not at all reducing in number.

  1. Nyotaimori restaurant

This restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan is famous for disputes. There the Women Associations also protested for several days urging to close this restaurant. But… due to the demand for this restaurant, all those protests have gone waste. Looking at the process of arranging the food at this restaurant… Any man will get mouthwatering for sure.

Before serving the food that you ordered… A girl will come there and strip off all her clothes in front of you… And she will lay down nude on the table in front of you. Then the servers will come there and arrange various food items on every part of her body. You have to take that food which was arranged on her and eat it.

Until you complete all the food, she will lay down nude in front of you without moving. During that time, most of the men eat the food and also enjoy by touching the body parts of the girl.

  1. Cannibalistic Sushi Restaurant

Even this restaurant is in Japan. Do you ever eat the corpse of a dead person? If you would like to have such experience, then you have to visit this Cannibalistic Sushi Restaurant in Japan. In this restaurant, if you order the food in a large amount when you go with either friends or family… An edible body resembling a corpse of a dead person will be placed in front of you.

If you cut it with a knife… The food ordered by you will be arranged inside that edible body resembling just like the organs of the human. That edible body will also bleed (red colour liquids) in a way how the body will actually bleed as you cut it really. After cutting it likewise, the food resembling the human organs must be eaten.

Looking at this, the normal people will feel like disgusting. But a few sadists are saying that they are enjoying a lot while eating this type of food.

So, friends! These are top 10 weird and unusual restaurants around the world.

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