Top 10 Most Expensive liquor in the World

Most expensive liquors in the world

Most expensive liquor in the world | Most expensive whiskey

The drunkards would say, no one is an exception to boozing… It may be sadness, happiness, or at any occasion… The drunkards must booze often. Generally, this liquor can be found ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 3000 in the wine shops. Few richest would like to get highly intoxicated by spending more money.

So they would buy the imported scotch by spending a huge amount of money. Some companies have been selling few types of costly bottles for such people. How distinct they are… Their rates will also be so expensive.

In this article, I am going to tell you about such top 10 costliest alcoholic drinks. Before seeing that list, hold your heart tight. Why because your heart will definitely slip down after listening to their prices.

No. 10: The Winston Cocktail

This is a cocktail which was invented by an Australian bartender. This drink is made with ancient costliest whisky and the beer which is found most rarely it seems. All the cocktail lovers would go to any extent to get this it seems. But the bartenders ask the customers to see its price before ordering it… Think once… how much it will cost. A single glass of this cocktail costs a staggering $14,000.

No. 9: Chateau d’Yquem

The name itself is strange to pronounce and this white wine was invented in France. A single bottle of this wine costs $ 1,30,000. The reason why it is the most expensive drink is… It was prepared 300 years ago and was stored it seems. These white wine bottles were found in limited quantity it seems.

No. 8: Penfolds Ampoule

This pen shaped bottle contains only a glass of Red Wine. And it costs $1,70,000. If we have so much money we can start a huge wine shop. The reason why it costs so much is… One is… Only 12 of these have ever been put out in the market. The designers who made this wine bottle are the No. 1 designers in the world it seems.

No. 7: Royal Salute

This Scotland whisky is the most favourite drink to the royal families living there it seems. This was the rare whisky that stored for at least 45 years after preparing. The design on this whisky bottle is made of gold and silver and embedded 413 black and white diamonds on it. That is why this single bottle costs $200,000.

No. 6: Dalmore 62

The actual name of this whisky is The Dalmore. But nobody knows why it is called as Dalmore 62. Only 12 bottles of this whisky were released in the market. A single bottle was sold for the hefty amount of $215,000.

The main reason why this bottle costs so much is… The trade experts said that is due to its publicity in the market and craze. Why because when this bottle was released in the market in 2001, it was sold for $150,000. By the time when the last bottle was sold in 2011… seemingly worth over $100,000 more.

No. 5: Macallan

64 Years Old in Lalique These 64 years old whisky bottles were found rarely… And only 4 of those were released in the market. While this whisky is one highlight, its bottle is another highlight. Why because… 17 world’s best craftsmen worked hard over 50 hours just to make a single bottle it seems. That is why even the price is in the same range. The price of a single whisky bottle is $460,000.

No. 4: Master Of Malt

This whisky was released on April 1st, 2011 in the market. 8 months before the launch of this whisky in the market, it was discovered by a Scottish historian in the islands it seems. 105 years ago, Aisla T’Orten prepared this whisky and stored it in the underground chamber. So a single bottle of this whisky costs Rs 8,90,26,630 in our Indian currency. With this money, we can even start a big hotel.

No. 3: Diva Vodka

This Vodka was prepared using the most special methods, which was invented in Russia. Seemingly, this vodka is triple filtered using the most expensive gems. In addition, the bottle filled with this vodka is made of Swarovski crystals. That is why the price of a single bottle is Rs 9,57,00,000.

No. 2: Henri IV Dudognon Heritag Cognac Grande Champagne

This alcohol bottle was named in the honour of King Henri IV. This has been aged for 100 years. Not only that, the entire bottle was designed with sterling platinum over the gold coating and decorated with 6,500 diamonds. That is why the price of a single bottle is $2 Million. In our currency, it costs Rs 13,20,00,000. Listening to this price, almost the heart would stop beating.

No. 1: Tequila Ley .925

This bottle looks like the Henry IV, but this is Tequila. The Tequila company said that they have manufactured this Tequila in a very distinctive method. This Mexican alcohol company did not reveal its manufacturing process completely to anyone.

This bottle was designed with platinum on one side and white gold on another side… And placed 6,800 diamonds on it. As it has so many specialties, the price of a single bottle is Rs 23,10,00,000.

If we have so much money with us… Almost our life will get settled. You saw it, right… the top 10 costly alcohol drinks which would make the richest people in the world go crazy.

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