Disturbing Deep Web Stories

Disturbing Deep web Stories

Top 10 Scary Deep Web Stories

Today I am writing about the Top 10 Disturbing Deep Web Stories !.

1 – The Story of Chloe Ayling

The Dark Web is used for Human Trafficking, that is a simple fact. Most of us are luckily ignorant about this, but it is still very much happening. In mid-2017 It seems that a human trafficking group calling itself Black Death lured a 20-year-old model, Chloe Ayling, to a photo shoot in Milan, Italy. The British model was then snatched, bundled into a bag, drugged and held hostage by the group who planned to sell her or claim ransom of 300 thousand euros for her.

The model was eventually freed six days after her capture and captors Michael and Lukasz Herba were arrested.
The Black Death group is a real group of human traffickers who use the dark web to sell sex slaves to buyers in the middle east.

2 – Mariana’s Web

Mariana’s Web is the name supposedly given to the deepest darkest parts of the dark web – and gets its name from Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean. Few have ever gone this deep so it is hard to bring you confirmed stories…although I will say there are some intense rumors circulating about what this super-encrypted site holds.

According to a number of Urban Legends, this is where the darkest secrets in humanity are hiding, as well as the Vatican secret archives, evidence of alien life forms, artificial intelligence and the location of Atlantis. While a lot of people think that Mariana’s Web is a pure anecdotal creepypasta, others are convinced it is real. Sometimes the Dark Web meets the mainstream web, and it is terrifying.

3 – Colin Henson, a vine user

So you may have heard a little bit about this one on our live stream…I want to go into it a bit more as it is a really scary deep web story. Colin Henson went missing soon after he began posting on social media in January 2015 and seemed to enjoy the now-defunct vine app.

In one vine, Colin shared a video of an abandoned mental asylum in Arkansas, which he says is about a mile away from his house. Rather than just sharing some footage of the outside, Colin ventures in, and at first jokes around a bit, but things take a dark turn when he comes across a cow mask…which is weird….After that, the vines get nasty. Someone clearly has Colin’s phone and he is seen crouching in a corner.

He is then seen unconscious and being fed pills. People later noticed that Colin’s vines correlated to a youtube channel called Ben’s Playhouse. On his channel, which was active before colin disappeared, viewers were exposed to some creepy stuff, but the assumed it was the usual kind of stage, just for lols creeps.

People started putting 2 and 2 together when they saw the cow mask in one of his videos, and in a new video called NewFriend.Mov, someone who looks a lot like Colin appears. It seems very much like Ben has kidnapped Colin…but then, around a year later, Colin disappears from Ben’s channel and Ben is seen flying on a plane in Colin’s red hoodie…after he lands, he is seen stalking a new victim.

4 – Teenage girls

The biggest terror cell of our generation uses the dark web to ensnare new recruits and also to share their heinous propaganda. A lot of vulnerable young Muslims are groomed online by various sectors of the terror group.

For example in 2015, there was a very high profile case of three girls from Bethnal Green in London traveling to Syria after speaking to ISIS Bride groomers online. The three teenagers, age between 15 and 16 fled never to return.

While two are still missing, Kadiza Sultana was killed at age 17. Of course, there was also the case of Samra Kesinovic – a 17-year-old blonde Australian girl who became a poster girl for ISIS in 2014 when she fled to Syria. Eventually, she changed her mind, tried to escape and was stoned to death. Classic ISIS. Of course, as well as the grooming… there are a number of ISIS Red Rooms showing beheadings of their prisoners.

5 – Pain Olympics

I guess a lot of people my age are pretty aware of the pain Olympics, as it was the dark stuff that was going on when we were growing up. If you aren’t aware, though it really was one of the first forays into dark web films.

The video, popular on 4chan, shows real life willing male genital mutilation. The video came from online magazine BMEzine, created by Canadian Shannon Larratt. Larratt was all about Body Mods but was also diagnosed as a suicidal schizophrenic.

He died of a rare muscle disease in 2013 at age 39. His ball popping legacy, however, lives on. Again…. The dark web really is filled with nasties…. Things have only got worse since his original shock video was released in 2002.

6 – Mr. Hands

This story was so nightmarish, it led to an actual change in the US law. Kenneth Pinyan was a Boeing engineer from Washington who was a secret dark web zoophile. The 45-year-old shared violent bestiality images in dark web forums under the name Mr. Hands. Inspired by his Zoophile community in the deep web, Pinyan wanted to make a sex video and dreamed of being penetrated by a horse.

In the early 2000s, he became part of a dark web group called Zoos, who began arranging meet-ups at farms in order to engage in illicit relations with farm animals. In the end, he encouraged one of his zoo friends to video him with a stallion on a farm in Gig Harbour, Washington.

The video is now synonymous with the dark web and shows him engaging in sex with the horse. Afterward, he dies from his injury. Horrifying. Pinyan’s tale is a scary one as much as it is a sad one; it seems his perversion came after a motorbike accident. Following his death, the law was changed in Washington State, making bestiality illegal.

7- Daisy’s Destruction.

A whole heap of urban legends exists about red room sites on the dark web. Red rooms are alleged pay per view snuff and abuse movies or live videos. Basically, people pay to watch people be tortured, murdered or sexually abused. For people like you and I, these Red Rooms are pretty hard to find, but if you are au fait with the dark web and you know where to look…apparently you can get there.

One example is the case of Peter Scully who set up a company called No Limits Fun and site called Daisey’s Destruction. Here, a baby girl was tortured by a naked woman and viewers were charged up to 10 thousand dollars to watch the content. Sick. Scully ran the dark website from the Philippines and apparently managed to obtain the children by promising their parents food and money. Before he was caught, Scully lured in an 11-year-old who was made to dig her own grave and was then buried alive.

The fact that people like Australian born Peter Scully exist is, sure, terrifying…. but the scariest thing about the whole story is that so many people paid to watch this content, making abuse and murder a viable business option for the psychopath.

8 – How to Cook A Woman

On an Ask Reddit, someone posed the question of what the worst deep web story they had come across was and one person revealed how they stumbled upon a fetish cannibal site. Of course, there are heaps and heaps of cannibalistic content, but one Redditor BaconBoyLoiter said that one day they were messing around with their friends and accidentally came across a comprehensive guide to cooking women.

9 – Cannibal

43-year-old computer technician Bernd Brandes placed an advert online on the dark web offering himself up to be eaten alive. 42-year-old Armin Meiwes responded to the advertisement in 2001, after a number of years spent on Cannibalism forums. Soon the pair embarked upon one of the darkest, most sensational cannibal stories of modern history. Before the meeting, the pair liaised on the web. Brandes and Meiwes had sex, but then Meiwes ate him.

After his arrest, the cannibal described how he consumed his willing victim. The pair also ate Brandes Penis together. Eventually, Mewies finished off his victim and chopped him up, filming a large portion of the murder. Because his victim was willing, the cannibal was jailed for just 8 years and is now free. Ironically, he is now reportedly a vegetarian.

10 – beware the terrifying story of Bugchasers and Gift Givers

Out there on the deep web, there is a subculture of people who want to infect people with HIV or want to be infected with the disease. These people use dark web forums to find one another and organize rendezvous. Of course, knowingly infecting someone with HIV is a crime, and want to receive the disease is akin to a slow-burning suicide. This subculture is mainly comprised of, but not limited to, homosexual men.

The issue is especially prevalent in Denmark, where there is a strong barebacking fetish scene. According to members of the scene, having unprotected sex with an HIV positive person is super arousing for them. Bug chasers will have sex with a number of HIV positive people, dubbed as gift givers, in the hope of catching the disease.

Sometimes the trysts will involve one partner at a time, but other times a bug chaser will engage in sexual activity with a handful of gift givers one after the other. While in itself this is exceptionally problematic, often this can lead to a person contracting several strains of HIV, which make treating the illness neigh on impossible.

Some postings on the bug and gift sites read like this: 18-year-old twink bug chaser looking to get pozzed, or After months of chasing, I tested poz. High viral load. Looking for neg bottoms [to infect].

One of many issues in these dark web bug-chasing sites is that, while they say those that enter have to be 18, many younger people are joining and exposing themselves to this dangerous subculture.

So that was the top 10 Scary Deep Web Stories, which of these did you find the scariest?

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