10 Qualities A Woman Looks For In A Man

10 Qualities A Woman Looks For In A Man

Qualities A Woman Looks For In A Man

Since the stone age, until modern age… A question which exists across the world remained a mystery even now. That question is… What do women look for in men?

The answer to this question remained a mystery even today. That is why several men around us have been fighting either with their girlfriends or wives, getting separated from them and becoming Devadas.

Well, few intelligent people in the world conducted several surveys and tests on the questions such as… What do women look for in men?

What should men do to make women happy? And they were able to find a solution for this problem. I did research on the information provided by those people and prepared 10 tips. In this article, I am going to show you those 10 qualities that women look for in men.

1.At first, women will get impressed with caring shown by men for them. Every person will have few fears and many desires. Women will have little more. If a man wants to get close to his beloved girl…

First, he should know about her fears and then he has to reduce those fears… Or else supporting the girl whenever she is afraid and share her courage that you are there for her. Knowing the interests and desires of that girls… By fulfilling as many as possible among them… She not only moves freely with him but also love him more.

2. After a woman gets an impression on a man… She will share the things related to her, feelings and all types of topics with him. Listening to everything whatever she says, you are not required to react more on that… And no need to react taking the general things said by her seriously. Just you should listen to every word that she says. And you have to react slightly to them. You have to fulfil small desires expressed by her in between the conversation. Doing likewise, the girls will become very close to boys.

3. The thing which should not be done mostly before girls is… Praising himself… Feeling very proud… Time will be very less when the girls talk to us freely. At that time, even if you blow your own trumpet to impress her or if you show your attitude… They will not even come to you.

So, speaking normally within the time they give us… Praising her in between… Sometimes they have to say their greatness. Doing likewise, they will spend some more time to talk to you.

4. Another thing which girls would look more for is loyalty. They mostly look for loyalty in the words spoken to the girls and the work done at them. Even if you tell lie often in front of them or with them… If there is no loyalty in the works done by you… With that, the relation between you and her will be disconnected completely.

Because they feel that the one who is not at all loyal in front of her would cheat her in future. So, you should try to be loyal in front of the girls according to the situation.

5. The thing which the boys should not do with the girls at any cost is… arguing with them. If you face any fight either with your lover or wife… When you get into an argument with them… First, men should get compromised. Even if you do not understand the logic of their argument… Even if there is no logic… You should not argue with them for a long time.

After a while, accepting that it was your mistake, you should make her cool down. If not, they will a create ruckus and say goodbye to you. Suppose you win the argument and if they do not leave you… If you lose against them sometime later, that is it!

6. Another important that the girls look for is… Respecting her friends, family and her interests. At any cost, you should not speak about her family and friends in a disrespectful manner. By moving closely with them as much as possible and… You should tame them by presenting them small gifts or treats if required.

7. We all know about a saying… Woman is woman’s worst enemy. Either in front of your girlfriend or wife… At any cost, you should not praise other women in any case. Because… If another woman is good than her, they will feel jealous.

In that situation, either her lover or husband praises that woman… That is it! Even if there are any women, men should focus more on their women… And they should try to praise them a lot. It is okay even if you do not praise her so much… You should not speak about the other woman even by mistake.

8. The girls love the surprises. Either on their birthdays or the days when you meet… Likewise, during several small occasions… If you are able to surprise them… They will have a good impression on you. But the men no need to present them big gifts for that.

Instead of that, either to some best restaurant and beautiful locations… Or when she speaks about her favourite locations in between the conversation… Selecting the comfortable one for us among them… Taking her to those locations… Giving her a small treat… If you present her a beautiful gift even if its price is less… They will never leave you.

9. The thing which girls look for in men mostly is the sense of humour. The nature of making her and the people around laugh. Mostly girls like the boys who make her laugh always. Thinking so, doing whatever you want… If you say meaningless jokes and unrelated matters… It will ruin everything. By doing likewise, women will not get impressed by you and… They do not even like to stand beside you.

Not only that… Even if a few things you have done to make your wife or girlfriend laugh and feel happy save you at that time… Those things may create trouble for you in future. So, you have to take care while doing the things to make the girls happy.

10. The last and important one… Almost all girls think of their beautiful future. Every girl will have many hopes and desires for her future. According to that, the earnings of men and their properties… Along with the behaviour of their family members… How much that man loves her… They observe those things very clearly.

If they get a secure feeling that their future will be good with their life partner… There will be a less chance of losing that girl in your life.

So, friends… These are the 10 qualities women looks for in men.


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