10 Most Weird Jobs In The World

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Top 10 Most Weird Jobs In The World

A job is necessary for all forms of community such as poor, middle and rich class to live their lives. Everyone think of to fulfill their goals with earnings of their jobs.
In this way, they do their jobs according to their knowledge, whether they may be government or private jobs.

In this case there are some jobs which are too hard and differed but earn good earnings. In this way people do different Miracle jobs for money. In those some are Disgusting and some are quiet interesting and think this job is good. So here i’m writing about 10 jobs which are simple and unbelievable jobs and earn good earnings.weird jobs, odd jobs

1. Professional Snuggler:

This job is too funny to do and also to listen, if we go on to know how is this job. In this job they hug the customer and spend time with them and make them happy. It is so funny to listen the person who does this job seems like as they were wife and husband or lovers but they make them happy only with hug ,for one hour. they take 60-80 dollars that mean they earn 4-5000 ruppes for hour. These jobs are mainly done in developed countries like japan.

2. Food Tester:

This job seems to be different but the holders are comfort to it. This job work is nothing that tasting the food and we think what there is suspense in this, but here they should see the taste of the food, feed for dogs but not for humans. Dog feed is manufactured by different companies and is tested and tasted by professional testers. Most of the employee spit out the food without swallowing. An employee is paid about 25-30 Lakhs a month. See how much they earn by this job. Mostly united states and Britain countries encourage such jobs and also do some special courses for it.

3. Slide Tester:

It is not only Awesome job but also cool and happy job the employee related to this job tests the water sliders which are mainly used in summer and see the safety measures. So these employee has both entertainment and earnings. They earn minimum 20 Lakh a month.

4. Ball Diver:

These employee brings back the balls from water, which are fell, when they are playing golf but this job is quiet dangerous job. Because they have use their potential to bring back the balls. Their salary is based on no of balls. If they are appointed for full time they earn up to 50 lakhs a year.

5. Face Feeler:

In this job they test the skin and the products used for skin and also which ingredients used for their beauty. They take 2000 rs for hour by testing their face and saying the beauty secrets suitable for their face.

6. Ice cream Tester:

This is too good for ice cream lovers. They taste,color and smell the ice creams of different companies and define the quality of it by testing and tasting it. They earn 70 lakh rs a year. this is only done by food scientists it they don’t it they reject it and it will not be allowed in to the market. In some situations they find new tastes in ice creams, they earn the money and also taste them.

7. Line Sitters:

This job is quiet different than others. If we go for shopping in offers time there will be huge crowd but these line sitters stands in line for hours and also make others to follow line in shopings. They are paid around 1500 dollars for hour but it is difficult to stand in a line so many hours but they do it to earn money.

8. Personal Shopper:

In some situations we can’t decide what to buy or what to not these personal shoppers help us in shopping and also make us to feel comfortable in shopping. they help both the customers and shop keeper’s to feel comfortable. They are paid 3000 foe each hour, these jobs are available in India and also in united states.

9. Paper Towel Sniffer:

This job is quiet funny. they test the quality and smell of tissue papers. tissues come into the market after these employee smell and ok it foe this they are paid 70,000 for week.

10. Live Mannequin:

In shopping malls, we see Mannequins holding different dresses but these employee be as live Mannequin for hours and attract customers. But this type of work is not interested by many others, because they have stand without moving for hours but they have high income of about 600 dollars per hour and it is suitable to the people who can stand and spare their time in hours. These jobs are mainly available in Paris and Canada.

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  1. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

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